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With the proliferation of cyber threats and reliance on IT Services, Harlequin CDIS has become a partner to many organisations, from SME to large financial institutions in the UK, Europe and United States, through our integrity and commitment to delivering “right first time” solutions.

Our international clients, including Embassies, High Commissions, large banks & building societies, recognise our wide ranging experience and skills to work discretely throughout the world.

Be safe in the knowledge that your IT is robust, your online reputation secure, and that malicious activity will be prevented before it reaches your assets.

24/7 monitoring
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Harlequin CDIS is a technology deployment and managed Services Company.

Integrity and trust are the cornerstones of any relationship and this is what Harlequin CDIS is built on, which, creates long-term partnerships with our clients.

Today, everyone relies heavily on secure, safe and robust IT systems and services to deliver their core business functions. Our extensively experienced team assists companies to be as effective as possible making best use of current and emerging technologies.

Where an organisation requires that something outside of the box, our development and integration solutions can deliver the product and/or solutions to meet those needs.

systematic management of
mail data and backups

Our Services

Our Proactive Managed Services, reduces downtime and increases operational efficiency.

Whether an organisation needs IT management, managed security, email protection or data back-up solutions, we can help to improve business operations and get the most out of their IT Resources. All our services are quick and easy to deploy: no hassle, no time lost.

We are able to:

  • Detect problems and often fix them automatically
  • Reduce downtime
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Offer cost-effective access to enterprise level support
  • Provide fixed monthly rates no matter how many IT problems and support real-time internet security. 


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Our Services

IT Managed Services

Network Intelligent Vulnerability Monitoring

At Harlequin CDIS we provide continual monitoring of IT networks and devices. We ensure that IT performance and reliability are maintained which in turn increases organisational investment.

Companies are able to concentrate on the business goals whilst fully confident that their IT Infrastructure is capable and secure enough to achieve them.

Our services cover:

  • Server Monitoring 24/7
  • Desktop Monitoring
  • Network Monitoring
  • Software Support
  • Online Backup
  • Cloud Solutions
  • On Site Support
  • Remote Support
  • Hardware As A Service
  • Anti-Malware Solutions
  • Consultancy
  • Website Management
  • Domain Registration
  • Software as a Service
  • Website Design
  • Website Hosting

All services are available 24/7

Any detected or reported problem is issued as a ticket and allocated to a fully qualified and appropriate IT support technician. All tickets are monitored, reviewed and resolved in accordance with agreed service levels. This provides a full audit record of troubleshooting issues both raised and solved.

Fast and secure access to managed IT systems allows us to respond to IT issues on demand.

Customers are issued their own personal portal access where they can view and manage their tickets and monitor SLA performance. This transparency ensures that customers have information available to them at every step from the start, duration and closure of the process.

Security Managed Services

Network Intelligent Vulnerability Monitoring

Total protection requires constant surveillance, not sporadic security checks.

Harlequin CDIS will continually monitor an organisation’s entire IT infrastructure to ensure that the systems are protected from cybercriminals working to spread viruses, steal confidential information or damage your reputation.

With the sophistication of modern threats, it is no longer adequate to run patches and scans of networks on a weekly basis. A continual monitoring service must be deployed in order for any unexpected occurrences to be discovered instantaneously. Harlequin CDIS are alerted as soon as an issue occurs and immediately work to solve it, where possible. This service provides an audit of your security installation, ensuring that your network is continually and completely secure.

  • Corporate Threat Management
  • Intelligent Vulnerability Monitoring
  • Penetration Testing
  • Top Level Domain Monitoring
  • DNS Hijacking Monitoring
  • Secure Certificate Monitoring
  • Internal and External Perimeter Management
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Email Performance Monitoring
  • Ping Monitoring

Products & Deployment

Network Intelligent Vulnerability Monitoring

Having an extensive network of distributors and direct manufacturer relationships, Harlequin CDIS can supply the solution, deployment and support required to fulfil all of our client’s needs.

  1. With data across all industry sectors burgeoning, thoughts of implementing databases are normally hindered or quashed by the cost of implementing scalable solutions. To this end Harlequin CDIS has developed a database that can be deployed into an organisation and within a few hours have users entering data and producing reports for a fraction of the cost.

Should integration be desired within other applications, such as Sage, this can also be achieved simply and effectively by our Development Team.

  1. Where you may have field engineers, sales teams or surveyors attending sites, our Application Development Team has created a platform on which a mobile app can be deployed. This allows forms, photos and drawings to be uploaded seamlessly from a single app across multiple mobile devices, for widespread data entry to be completed without the need to return to the office.
  1. From telecommunications to manufacturing, we have the capabilities to supply and deploy IT equipment across a wide range of customers and business needs. Our flexibility to meet requirements mean organisations can trust that our projects and solutions can be provided and deployed on schedule and on budget.
your brand is your business
protect your reputation

Brand Protection

Harlequin CDIS recognises that our client’s reputation is their greatest asset and our broad portfolio of services help ensure this.

Services include:

  • Website monitoring
  • Performance testing
  • Defacement monitoring
  • Brand infringement
  • SSL monitoring
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Identity theft identification
  • Site takedown
  • Site shields

By deploying our services, organisations can trust that their online presence is secure and that their clients’ experiences are assured.

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Brand Protection

Brand Protection

Your online reputation is an integral part of your brand

Harlequin CDIS enables our clients to gain control over how they are represented online by un- covering and mitigating the issues that put their reputation at risk and erode customer trust. Our services help detect, uncover and alleviate brand and trademark infringement issues, phishing attacks, web traffic diversions & website integrity issues.

Working closely with our customers we are able to provide a complete managed brand solution which provides total peace of mind.

Listed below are a selection of our brand protection services:

  • Website Monitoring
  • Mobile App Monitoring
  • OOB
  • Domain Monitoring
  • Black List Monitoring
  • SSL
  • Penetration Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Website Shield Protection
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Social Media Monitoring

Fraud Protection

Your online reputation is an integral part of your brand

There are many ways in which a company can be compromised, be it attempts to capture client details as they log on to your website or by using stolen identities to obtain goods, money or services by deception.

Harlequin CDIS have a suite of solutions that will detect, manage and protect any fraudulent attempts.

Our services help to reduce cybercrime, protect profitability and maintain your reputation.

Our Fraud Protection Services include:

  • Data Leak Monitoring
  • Site Hijacking
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Anti-Key Logger Protection
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Web Defacement
  • Fund Auditing
  • Identity Theft
  • Email Monitoring 
we monitor the latest
threats and viruses

Typosquatting, What is it? and How can you protect yourself?

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#phising #help #thinkagain #internet #safety #fraud

#phising #help #thinkagain #internet #safety #fraud

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Typosquatting, What is it? and How can you protect yourself?

Typosquatting, What is it? and How can you protect yourself?

Typosquatting is a form of cybersquatting (sitting on sites under someone else’s brand) , this is also known as URL hijacking. Typo squatting targets users who incorrectly type or miss-spells a website address into their web browser. Users may be led to an alternative website owned my cyber criminals, created for malicious purposes.

In a 2008 study by, “Beware of Typosquatting and new Identity Theft Warnings,” identified 80,000 typosquatting sites covering 2,000 frequently used websites.Paul Ducklin, a computer security expert with the company, Sophos, recently investigated the scale and risk of the typosquatting industry and reported his findings in “Typosquatting — what happens when you mistype a website name?” on the Sophos Naked Security website. 
Ducklin applied “every possible one-character typo” of six popular domain names: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple and Sophos. He collected http data and browser screenshots from 1,502 websites and 14,495 URLs. He found the most typosquatting activities on these sites:  

  • Advertising and popups: 15%
  • IT and hosting: 12%
  • Search: 6%
  • Cybercrime: 3%
  • Adult and dating sites: 2%

Protect yourself from typosquatting! Spend more time spelling website addresses, Use a safe search tool and security solution, and be cautious when clicking on external links.

Banking Malware accounts for 41% of malware infections

41% of Malware infections, are Banking Malware. But what is Banking Malware? Banking Malware is a type of software that is used by fraudsters and cyber criminals to target online bank accounts. This allows them to obtain personal and finacial data. Sufficient Anti-Virus protection is a must to try and minimise the risks of becoming infected. However, if a computer or mobile device becomes infected, cyber criminals can take control of the internal functions of the device remotely, This is how they are able to obtain personal data, access online bank accounts, encrypting files and re-distributing malware to others.

There is normally a finacial cost involved in all of this, either having to buy anti-virus software to protect the device or paying a randsom.

How can you unintentionally download malware?

  • Clicking on an infected attahcement in emails.
  • Clicking on an infected website links.
  • Clicking on an infected link whilst on a social media site. Ie Watching Videos etc.
  • Inserting an infected removal drive into the device.
  • Downloading an infected file attachment, text or via a mobile application.

Most Banking Malwareat Information by following four different methods: Cookie Grabbers, Virtual Network Computing (VNC), Spy Modules and Drive Scanner. Ramnit is a type of Banking Malware that is most popularly used by cyber criminals. According to Symantec more than 3.2 million computers were infected globally over a five year period (2010-2015) by this type of malware. In February 2015 law enforcement and industry conducted an operation which led to a number of seizures of servers controlled by the Ramnit criminal group. However it is thought that it is starting to remerge and poses as a serious threat to all computer users.

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